Roots Blower

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Roots Blower General Brief
The roots blower is mainly used for transporting air to help dust removing from grain. It is widely used for grain milling process as well as aquaculture oxygenation, aeration of wastewater treatment, and cement conveying. And it is more suitable for air delivery in low-pressure situation and pressurizing system. It is also can be used as vacuum pump. 

We also have pulse fifter and screw conveyor available.

How Roots Blower for Grain Milling Process Works
The impeller is the roatating part of roots blower, and there are 2 impellers and 3 impellers. But 3-impeller roots blower is more preferred due to its smaller air-out pulsation, lower noise and steadier performance than 2-impeller roots blower.

3-impeller roots blowerroots blower turn

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