High Pressure Fan

Type:TY37-3A(TY7.3-1.5)Air Pressure(mm H₂O):862-935Air volume(m³/h):7755-14620Power(kw):37Speed(rpm):2950Weight(kg):578

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High Pressure Fan Description
TY modle high pressure fan is of high air pressure, ventilation volume stability, low noise and smooth operation. It is mainly used for the pneumatic conveying of flour production line with 100-400t daily wheat processing capacity, and also can be used for other industries' pneumatic conveying and forced ventilation. We also have roots blower and air lock to help grain flour mill process.

Purpose of High Pressure Cnetrifugal Ventilator

1. High pressure centrifugal ventilator is mainly used for the pneumatic transmission of flour product line with daily processing capacity of 150-300 tons wheat.
2. This high pressure blower is also used for the pneumatic transmission and forced ventilation in other fields.
3. The air transported by this product should be non-corroding and non-hypergolic; the air temperature should be less than 80℃.

The Specification and Structure Characteristics of High Pressure Centrifugal Blower
This air blower is made up of rack, chassis, impeller, air inlet and bearing seat.
1. The diametrical decimeter number of its impeller is the machine NO. of the air blower, which is showed by the Arabic figures. The letter behind the machine NO. is the drive form of the air blower. Eg: A indicates that direct drive with motor, the impeller is fixed on the motor shaft. C indicates that the belt roller of ventilator drive outside the bearing, that is the gab bridge drive air blower.
2. The rotation of air blower is divided into left rotation and right rotation, and the distinguish mean is by envisage the impeller from drive direction, when the air blower is running, if the impeller is clockwise rotation, it is the right rotation, whereas the left rotation. 
3. The air outlet direction is set as 90 degrees. If the customer has the special requirement, the outlet degree of air blower can be noted in the order form.
4. The air blower has passed the test of dynamic balance emendation, total pressure and air volume.
5. The bearing seat of gab bridge air blower adopts the rolling bearing and is lubricated by calcium-based lubricating grease.

High Pressure Air Blower Technical Parameters
Type Air Pressure(mm H₂O) Air volume(m³/h) Power(kw) Speed(rpm) Weight (kg)
TY37-3A (TY7.3-1.5) 862-935 7755-14620 37 2950 578
TY45-3A (TY7.7-1.5) 980-1120 8940-16680 45 2970 652
TY55-3A (TY7.7-1.8) 1020-1150 9890-18130 55 2970 738
TY75-3A (TY84-44) 1160-1340 9900-21600 75 2970 846

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