Wheat Brusher

Parameter and Type :FSMJ 40×100Distance of Surface and Barrel(mm):≥15Speed of Main Shaft Rpm:840Power(kw):7.5Capacity(t/h):3.5~8.5Weight(kg):500

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Wheat Brusher Machine
FSMJ40 Wheat Brusher Brief
The FSMJ40 system wheat brusher is widely used in flour factory. Its main function is cleaning the surface ash of wheat and other particles, and removing broken wheat bran and wheat germ. It is an ideal equipment for wheat surface treatment.
We also supply vertical air drafting duct and mix damper to help wheat cleaning and wheat milling process.

FSMJ40 Wheat Brusher Features
1. The screening body of this machine is 360° cinlyder-shaped, so it has high-efficiency screening effect.
2. Simple structure, flexible performance, easy operation and effective process.

wheat brusher machine

Wheat Brusher Machine Technical Parameters
Parameter and Type Type of barrel Distance of surface and barrel mm Speed of main shaft rpm Power Kw Capacity t/h Weight Kg Size length* width* high mm
Diameter(mm) Length(mm)
FSMJ 40×100 400 975 ≥15 840 7.5 3.5~8.5 500 1720×693×1500
FSMJ 2×40×100 400 975 ≥15 840 7.5×2 7~17 990 1720×1165×1500
FSMJ 2×40×120 400 1175 ≥15 840 7.5×2 10~20 1100 1920×1165×1500

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