Impact Flour Detacher

Type:FSFZ495Rotator Dia(mm):495Distance of Rotator and Stator(mm):5Rotate Speed of Main Shaft(rpm) :2890Power(kw):3-4Weight(kg):124

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Impact Flour Detacher Usage and Features
This is FSJZ series impact flour detacher to scatter and smash flour pieces produced by smooth roll grinding, to reduce bran and ash content and increase whiteness and improve flour yield rate by 15-35%. This machine has simple structure, high working and economic efficiency, low power consumption, and huge potential for promoted application. It can be used with our bottom vibrating discharger, FSFG high square plansifter to get pure grain flour.

Impact Wheat Flour Detacher Structure and Working Principle
This machine is made up of main case, cover board, rotor tray, stator tray, rotor pin, and stator pin, etc.
How the flour detacher works
After entering into the impact flour detacher through the feed inlet in the central maincase, grain flour moves to the outer edge by the centrifugal force of rotor rotating, and the air and wind force of rotor blades rotating; in the movement, grain flour is successively and repeatly impacted by rotor pin, stator pin and the inner wall of the main case, then the finished flour is discharged from discharging hole.

Impact Flour Detacher Parameter
Type Rotator dia. (mm) Distance of rotator and stator (mm) Rotate speed of main shaft (rpm) Power (kw) Weight (kg) Size *dia(mm)
FSFZ495 495 5 2890 3-4 124 470*565
FSFZ510 510 3 2890 4-5.5 165 560*630

wheat flour detacher

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