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Mix Damper General Brief
Mix damper for wheat is a main equipment for regulation of water percentage in wheat before milling process. It is used in the grain processing plants to moisten the grain at a desired rate, to enhance bran toughness, reduce endosperm strength in cohesive force, so as to help improve grinding efficiency and sifting efficiency, improve powder quality and flour yield.

Grain Mix Damper Characteristics
1. Adopting stainless steel U-shaped working slot, wear-resisiting and anti-corrosion, so it has long service life and easy maintenance.
2. Simple and compact structure, waterproof and dustproof.
3. Even water dampening for wheat, high efficiency, reliable per

How Dampening Machine for Wheat Works
The grain flow entering the casing agitates the water flow sensor; the water is sprayed into the grain and mixes with it. The special curved blades push the grain mixed with water to the grain outlet. Capable of even distribution of moisture. Avoids grains breakage, minimize the wear of rotor and prevents its unbalance thanks to limited operational speed. The water distribution to kernel is fast and uniform with thorough penetration and absorption. It can be controlled by microcomputer to realise automatic water dampening.

mix damper for wheat

Technical Parameter of Dampening Machine for Wheat
Model Power(kw) Output (t/h) Accuracy of Water(%) Length (mm) Diameter (mm)
ZSQ10A 4 10 ±0.2 320 1800
ZSQ15A 5.5 15 ±0.2 400 2000
ZSQ20A 7.5 20 ±0.2 400 2500

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