Glucose Syrup Production Line

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Glucose Syrup Production Line
Glucose syrup is usually obtained from starch under the action of enzyme or acid, and its main components are glucose, maltose, maltotriose, maltotetraose, etc. Generally, corn, rice, wheat, potato and cassava can be used to make glucose syrup, because they have the rich source of starch.

Due to the special qualities of glucose syrup, it is widely employed the production industries of candy, fruit can, juice beverage, bread, pastries, cold drinks, and preserved fruits, etc.
glucose syrup
Glucose Syrup Production Process and Production Equipment

1.Pulp conditioning process
In the pulp conditioning tank, making the starch into a suited condition for liquidation, and adding the heat-resistant liquifying enzyme, preparing for the one-time spray liquidation.

2.High-temper liquidation process
In the liquidation equipment, the well-conditioned starch has full access to the steam through the spray section, and the starch chain is broken through in a rapid heating condition, making the starch fully liquefied, and then the liquifying enzyme is inactivated by high-temper and high-pressure spraying.

3.Saccharification process
In the saccharification tank, the broken starch chain is cut into target sugar, with the effect of saccharifing enzyme, to make it to a predetermined amount.

4.Decoloration process
In the decoloration tank, the protein, fat and small amount of coloring matter are efficiently removed by using active carbon as well as flocculant, to make the sugar liquor become clear and transparent. There should be two-times of decoloration process to ensure the transparency of the final syrup.

5.Separation process
Remove the active carbon and flocks by the plate frame filter.

6.Ion exchange process
In the ion exchange column, by employing resin to exchange and remove the ion, coloring matter and macro-molecule to get quality pure syrup products.

7.Triple-effect vacuum concentration process
By the working of evaporator, a certain vacuum condition is kept in the evaporation chamber to depress the boiling point to make the water in the sugar liquor under a lower temperature, and then the concentration is finished. 

glucose syrup plant

The final syrup products should be colourless, transparent and odourless. We also supply maltose complete syrup processing line and high fructose syrup production plant as well as flour milling machines to get starch products; free syrup production plant layout is available.


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