Wheat Bran Finisher

Type:FFPD 45*1Sieve Barrel(mm):1050Capacity(t/h):1.3-1.5Power(kw):5.5Size(mm):1700*640*1620

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Wheat Bran Finisher
The bran finisher is used for bran finishing in before the middle of grain flour production to deal with the flour on the bran that is in the shelling coarse screen, to reduce latter working load, help grinding and sifting, and lower energy consumption as well. Our wheat bran finisher is used in tail-way processing to deal with the bran produced by final shelling and shelling plansifter screening to reduce flour content in the bran. It can be used with our diamond tsunami model flour mill.

The Main Structure and Work Principle of Wheat Bran Finisher
Bran finisher is made up of rack, screen drum, rotor board, feed inlet, discharge case and flour extraction funnel.
The rotor is made up of axes, agitation seat and rotor board. The rotor board is fixed on the agitation seat, whose lashing eye is slot hole, and it can adjust the gyration diameter of the rotor hit wooden board, which can adjust the impact force of agitation. The less clearance and more impact force. Whose clearance is 12-22mm in general, but it can not be less than 9mm. 
The screen drum is half-cycle and eight-square and made up of flat steel and sieve plate. The hem of screen drum can prohibit the material continuous running along with rotor and increase the sieving effect. The half-cycle and eight-surface sieve plate has the flexibility, and there are some vibrations during the operation to avoid the jam of sieve pore.
How Wheat Bran Finisher Works
After the material enter the screen drum from the rotor tangential of feed inlet, under the agitation of the rotor board, compelling the bran strike the back wall board and sieve plate and make the flour of the bran separated from bran step by step. Under the effect of centrifugal force, the flour join into the powder funnel through sieve pore; under the volution drive formed by the torsional angle of hit wooden board, the bran is pushed to the products outlet.

wheat bran finisher

Wheat Bran Finisher Technical Parameter
Type Sieve Barrel(mm) Capacity(t/h) Power(kw) Size(mm) (mm)
FFPD 45*1 1050 1.3-1.5 5.5 1700*640*1620 ≥9
FFPD 45*2 1050 2.6-3.0 5.5*2 1700*1300*1620 ≥9

wheat bran and wheat flour

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