Destoner, Rice Destoner

Type:TQSF80Power(kw):2*0.25Square of Sieve:800*1000mmAir Volume(m³):100Capacity(t/h):9

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Destoner Machine General Briefing
TQSF series destoner machine is used in grain milling for the classification and separation of stones and other granular materials from rice, corn, wheat and many other grains. It is able to finish grading as well as destoning, and it is usually applied in cleaning step of grain flour production.

Rice Destoner Features
1. Both grading and destoning can be finished, so the raw materials is separated into linght ones and heavy ones.
2. High productivity, good grading and destoning effects, and easy working adjustment.
3. No dust spreading, low noise and power consumption.
4. Advanced processing techniques and years' manufacturing experience ensue a well performance of the machine.

Grain Destoner Working Principle
The sample is the TQSF series gravity grading stoner. It is new and efficient multi-functional grain cleaning equipment to separate stone from the cereals under the comprehensive functions of vibrating, screening and airflow. 
There is a big difference in the suspended speed between grains and high-density matters such as stones, metal and glass, while the suspended speed for heavy and light grains also varies. Based on these, the mixed heavy impurities will be separated from grains, and effective gradation between heavy and light grains is achieved.

Destoner Machine Main Technical Parameters
Type Power(kw) Square of sieve (W*L) Air volume(m³) Capacity (t/h)
TQSF80 2*0.25 800*1000mm 100 9
TQSF100 2*0.25 1000*1000mm 150 10
TQSF125 2*0.25 1250*1000mm 170 12-14

grain destoner machine

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