Wheat Scourer

Type:FDMW40*100Sieve Barrel(mm):1000Capacity (t/h):4-7Power (kw):7.5Size(mm):2110*925*1670

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Horizontal Wheat Scourer
Wheat Scourer Application

This FDMW40 wheat scourer is a new-type horizontal wheat scourer machine, and it is an improved high-efficiency wheat scouring equipment that absorbs the advanced structure characteristic of the like products at home and abroad.
It is mainly used in the cleaning process of wheat, including the first cleaning and the second cleaning. It is able to wipe off the appendiculate impurities and contaminations (dust, sand, clod and small granule seeds, etc); it also can reduce the quantity of microorganism (bacteria), worm and limb of worm, improving the material sanitation. This Smash and separate the degenerative kernel and the impurity mixed in the wheat; separate the broken clod and sundries from the eyelet of screen drum and then discharge them.

FDMW40 wheat scourer has single-body and double-body, these two types. It is available for rye and oat cleaning as well. We also have plane rotating sifter and destoner for wheat cleaning.

Wheat Scourer Mchine Characteristics
1. Reasonable dense alignment and screw angle of the striking board, make a good scouring effect and low crash rate.
2. Siutably increased diameter of screen drum to overcome the phenomenon of machine plugging.
3. Improved bearing lubricate and airproof structure reduce the energy consumption and noise.
4. The rotor striking board has surface heat treatment to extend its service life.
5. The running of rotor is more stable after the dynamic test and compensates.
7. Tooth plate of screen drum is made of alloy chilled cast, and this can enhance the anti-friction degree and service life.

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Wheat Scourer Machine Technical Parameter

Single-body Wheat Scourer
Type Sieve barrel(mm) Capacity (t/h) Power (kw) Size (mm)
FDMW40*100 1000 4-7 7.5 2110*925*1670
FDMW40*120 1200 6-8 7.5 2310*925*1670
FDMW40*150 1500 7-10 11 2560*925*1670

Double-body Wheat Scourer
Type Sieve barrel(mm) Capacity (t/h) Power (kw) Size(mm)
FDMW2*40*120 1200 8-14 2*7.5 2305*1335*1698
FDMW2*40*150 1500 14-20 2*11 2555*1335*1698

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