Wheat Flour Mills/Grain Flour Milling


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Wheat Flour Mills/Grain Flour Milling
This Diamond Brand HH Model Flour Mill is mainly for grain flour milling, such as wheat, corn/maize, teff. It can be used in flour plant with a capacity of 200-1000PTD.

There are three types of this grain flour milling machine
1. Specification of Standard Type
1) Microcomputer PLC control, text display, and human-computer interface.
2) Full precision casting machine body, permanently keeping precision.
3) The centerline angle of  front feeding roller and back feeding roller can be preset according to the shape of different grains, suitable for various flow angles of the grains. 
4) The feeding room can be quickly disassembled, so its cleaning is easy and speed.
5) Negative pressure in the charging barrel makes the materials no mildew and squirting.
6) The feeding rollers is intelligent frequency control of motor speed, high technological adaptability.
7) The support system of grinding roller is set with automatic positioning, easy to disassemble.
8) The automatic control electric component is placed in front of the operating area, easy to maintain.
9) The hand wheel of track adjustment can be demounted conveniently for transportation and maintain, and it is gas-electric linkage and automatic lock system.
10) The opening of charging door is set outside of machine body, safe and convenient.

2. Specification of Top-grade Type
1) Full electromotion servo actuator, the response speed is 10 times of pneumatic servo, no need air source.
2) Touch screen operation, it is in the intelligent network with the system IPC(Industrial Personal Computer) to realize the automation of whole production line.
3) Intellisense electronic servo of material charging door.

3. Specification of Intelligent Type
Concentrating above functions on the computer program, no manual adjusting mechanism, automatic operation and unattended; every unit is equivalent to an flour milling robot with intelligent system.

Main Specification and Parameter of Diamond Brand HH Model Flour Mill
Type                A                  B                  Power             Outline(mm)              Weight(kg)        
HH25100 1126 1850 5.5-30kw 1165×860×1130 3600      
HH25125 1376 2100 5.5-30kw 1265×860×1130 4200

grain flour milling

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