Pulse Filter

Type:TBLM 78Square of Filter (m²):57.5Bags of Filter:78Bags of Filter(mm):2000Air Volume(m³):9500~13150Power(kw):1.1

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Pulse Filter General Brief 
The pulse filter is a kind of bag filter that uses fabric (filter bags) and pulses of compressed air to remove dust from the grain. It has a large filtering area, it is the preferred device for secondary grain cleaning.
Bucket elevator and air suction separator are available for grain cleaning.

Pulse Dust Collector Features
1. The body is cylinder-shaped with good intension and rigidity.
2. Tangential and centrifugal air inlet helps high-efficiency primary cleaning, low energy consunption.
3. DLB cascade pump is dust-elimination air resource. No oil or water inside compressed air, which enables extending life of the gas components, reducing faults, improving bag-blocking condition and lessening pollution for the powder dust. Likewise, safety factor is increased with lower pressure.
4. The combination of dust removing and discharging reduces energy cost.
5. Nylon fabric bags as dust collector, and the dust collecting rate reaches above 90%.
6. Large wind volume ensures good dust removing result.

Pulse Dust Remover Application
Featured by high efficiency, easy maintenance, small covering area, this machine is widely used for dust cleaning in grain flour plants, and industry of cereal and oil food, chemical, miner, cement, carpentry, etc. as well as materials recycling. Also this machine can be used for separation of gas and dust under 80℃. 

pulse dust collectorwheat flour

Pulse Dust Filter Technical Parameters
Type Square of Filter (m²) Bags of Filter Bags of Filter(mm) Air Volume (m³/h) Power(kw)
TBLM 78 57.5 78 2000 9500~ 13150 1.1
TBLM104 76.5 104   13000~17300 1.5
TBLM 130 96.5 130 2000 16000~ 22200 1.5
PS:The cloth canister specifications of these models are 1m, 1.8m and 2.4m respectively.

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