Noodles Roller

Brand:DiamondFinal Product Thickness:CustomizedPacking:International standards or wooden case

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Noodles Roller Gerneral Brief
The noodles roller is the main working part of the noodle making machine, for tabletting and cutting noodles. According to different production processing, the smooth roller or the grooved roller can be selected. If the customer need some special rollers, we can manufacture the rollers based on the detail requirements of customers.

Henan Zhongyuan Roller Co.,Ltd. is the leading manufacturer and exporter of rollers. The "Roller R&D Center" has successfully finished the scientific research of state by new material, new technology and new craft. The company has been responsible for drafting the standard of roller products.

All kinds of rollers could be found here, such as high alloy roller, pastern making roller, plastic roller, steel rolling roller, paper making roller, foodstuff roller, oil making roller, feedstuff roller, sugar making roller, shelling roller, rubber cracking roller, and  flour feed roller. Some special rollers has a weight more than 20 Tons. All these products have been exported to American, Europe, etc. 

noodles roller


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