Oil Expression Roller

Diameter(mm):300-800Length(mm):500-2500Single Roller Weight(kg):500-5000

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Oil Expression Roller General Brief
The oil expression roller is used for oil expression machines to extract oil from oil materials, such as sesam seed, almond, and peanut.

As grain flour mill manufacturer, we produce the rollers for oil mill, flour mill and other machines that need the roller as working part, such as noodles roller, and rubber cracking roller. We can manufacture the rollers according to the requirements of customers. The rollers can be cast iron rolls and cast steel rolls.

Oil Roller Features
1.The roller is made based on the world’s advanced vanadium-titanium alloy formula and fully automatic centrifugal casting.
2. Timely analyzing imported Germany spectrograph before soldering, to ensure rational and stably mixture ratio of various alloy elements.
3. High hardness and high abrasion resistance. Sand roller surface hardness is 61-67 HS, the gear roller surface hardness is 68-74HS which is more suitable for flour milling.
4. Our products can ensure the extraction rate of oil and flour, reduce the energy consumption and improve the comprehensive benefits of the oil/flour mills effectively.

oil roller


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