Solution of Wheat Cleaning and Milling

Solution of Wheat Cleaning and Milling
Wheat is usually processed into flour and there are several main parts of wheat flour processing:
---Wheat mass cleaning
The main purposes of wheat cleaning are to separate the wheat from organic and mineral impurities, ferromagnetic components, to remove parts of bran from wheat endosperm, to moisten the grain mass for reduce adhesion between bran and endosperm, to standardize wheat moisture before milling.
Wheat cleaning equipment
1. The vibrating sifter can be used for organic impurities
2. The destoner machine can be used for mineral impurities
3. The bran removing machine is used for clear bran mixed in grains
4. The moistening machine is used for water content regulation which is the basic procedure before milling. This machine is able to do an automatic regulation of moisture level before and after moistening

---Grain milling and sieving
The main objectives of wheat milling are to separate endosperm of the grain from bran and germ, to reduce dimensions of endosperm particles for fine flour products.
The steel structure flour mill plant, small scale flour mill line, and single grain flour mill with various models are popular equipment for wheat milling to meet different production requirements.
The plansifter is usually applied for sieving, and the grain flour purifier is for flour cleaning to remove endosperm particles. The main objective of sieving is to help get fine flour.

---Commercial flours mixing
Commercial flour for distribution has prescribed ash content and color, so flour has to be mixed from single stage to fulfill it.

---Quality standardization
1. Moisture, ash, protein, gluten, falling number, sedimentation value can be the analytical method to determine the level of flour quality
2. The rheological methods includes Farinograph, extensigraph, alveograph, amylograph • Fermentograph, maturograph, spring oven test
3. Milling and baking laboratory tests also can be a flour quality standardization method.

wheat cleaning and milling

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