Solution of Cleaning Corn Before Milling

Solution of Cleaning Corn Before Milling
Before the fine milling process, corn has to be cleaned enough to keep an efficiency production of processing machines, keep a high quality of the final products, and reduce working time and labors as well.

The corn cleaning equipment includes screening machine, destoner machine, and magnetic separator, etc.

There are several main steps of maize cleaning process: raw maize, pre-cleaning sieve, raw maize bin, winnowing screener, destoner, magnetic separator-net corn.

1. The screening equipment which is an important equipment in corn cleaning process, generally can be vibrating sifter and plane rotating sifter, and the impurities of heavy weight.
2. The destoner equipment is generally the gravity grading destoner, and it is mainly used to remove stones in grains. This kind of destoner also has the function of grading.
3. The magnetic separator equipment is generally using the permanent magnet drum which is mainly applied to remove magnetic metal.

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