Grains Should be Cleaned Before Milling

Grains Should be Cleaned Before Milling

Grains, like wheat and maize, are usually processed into flour products, and cleaning them to remove foreign sundries before milling process is necessary. It is firstly to improve the processing effect to ensure safe production; secondly it is to improve the fineness of final flour products to ensure food hygiene; and also it is helpful to have safe storage and reduce transport and storage cost.

1. If there are crop straw, weeds, paper scraps, hemp rope and other bulky and light impurities mixed with grains, these impurities can block delivery pipeline or feeding mechanism, which will lower processing capacity of the machines and stopping the smooth production.

2. If there are stones, metal and other hard impurities in wheat and maize, and these impurities are subject to damage processing machines and shorten their service life. It is also possible to produce sparks, resulting in fire and dust explosion for the collision and friction between the solid impurities and the metal machine surface. Our grain destoner machine is able to complete a speed and efficiency cleaning these impurities. It is widely used in grain flour milling plants.

3. If there are sand, dust and other small impurities in grains, these materials can cause floating dust in the workshop, which will pollute working environment, and harm the physical health of production workers.

Any kind of foreign impurities mixed with grains can affect the quality of finished products, so clean processing is an important step in grain milling production. We can supply quality grain cleaning equipment and professional solution of grain flour milling. Please feel free to come to us if you have any questions and requests about grain processing.

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