Doroller in the 121th Canton Fair

15th-19th April, we took part in the 121th Canton Fair.

In this exhibition, we have put various flour milling machines on display, and these flour milling machines are the hot products of our company which include Diamond Brand Model Flour Mill, Diamond Brand JF Flour Mill, Diamond Brand HX Flour Mill, Diamond Brand HH Flour Mill and Diamond Brand SS Flour Mill, etc.

The main target of our joining this fair is to learn advanced techniques and facilitating communication and collaboration. We had good discussion with clients and dealers who are interested in our products, and we have made several successful orders.
Through the Canton Fair, we have a further promotion of our brand popularity, and also we have learned products information of the other advanced enterprises to help our future development.


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hot products

  • diamond brand HH model four mill

    Wheat Flour Mills/Grain Flour Milling
  • H-efficient vibrating sifter

    High-efficient Vibrating Sifter
  • package machine

    Package Machine
  • destoner

    Destoner, Rice Destoner
  • wheat scourer

    Wheat Scourer