Difference between Maize Flour and Corn Flour

Difference between Maize Flour and Corn Flour
Is corn flour the same as maize flour? Here is the guide to help you draw a clear distinction between corn flour and maize flour that come in various forms and they are called different things in different countries.
The naming conversation for corn flours and maize flour is markedly different in the UK, the US and Australia. Corn flour in Australia and the UK is the same as corn starch in the US. Also in Australia there is corn flour made from wheat. Maize flour in Australia is the same as corn flour or corn meal which is more commonly used in the US.

Corn Flour
Corn flour is a kind of fine and white powder separated from the protein and other components of maize flour, then pure starch is left. It has no taste and is commonly used as a thickener to make a paste by first combining with a little cold water.
In Australia the wheaten corn flour is obtained by same process to remove the protein from wheat to leave starch.
The corn flour is good for thickening sauces, soups, stews and gravies.

Maize flour
Maize flour is the entire corn kernel milled into flour, and it contains protein and fat as well. The final milling process can vary from fine to coarse.
---Fine maize flour
It is good for making breads, such as Mexican tortillas, and cornbread which is more dense than normal bread.
---Coarse maize flour
The coarsest maize flour is know as polenta, and polenta makes a great alternative to couscous as a side dish. Coarse maize flour is often used for coating meats, fishes, and seafood before frying, and making dense and moist cakes.

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