Importance of Corn Peeling and Degerminating for Corn Process

Importance of Corn Peeling and Degerminating for Corn Process
In the dry processing of corn, corn peeling and degerminating is very important. If corn is processed without proper moistening, a complete peeling and degerminating of corn will be a tough work.

The degree of clearing corn peel and germ has certain affects on the final corn products.

After moistened by the steam, the moisture content of corn seed coat and germ is increased, so there is a moisture difference from endosperm; tenacity of corn peel is improved, so the adhesion between corn peel and endosperm is decreased. Then both separating corn peel from endosperm and crushing endosperm can be easy.

The moistening makes the volume of corn germ expanded and the texture of corn germ tough, so the corn germ can be removed easily and kept no spoiled under the under the action of mechanical force. The separated parts of corn kernel can be processed into different corn products respectively, such as endosperm flour, grits flour, and grits.

Steam is able to heighten the humidity of corn kernel, enhance the rate of water permeation through corn skin and endosperm, and reduce the time of corn quality conditioning, which ensures corn processing effect and efficiency.

To get a quality corn processing, machines with good performance is necessary, and Doroller is supplying corn peeling-breaking degerminator to finish corn peeling and degerminating, as well as corn flour mill machine to help your corn production. We are ready to offer professional solutions as you required.

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