Solution for Durum Wheat Milling

Solution for Durum Wheat Milling
Durum wheat is the wheat of hardest texture compared with all the other wheat. Durum wheat milling differs from conventional flour milling. The final products obtained by grinding durum wheat is mainly the semolina that is not flour. Careful and thorough durum wheat cleaning and milling is necessary to prevent the presence of specks in the semolina. So the durum wheat milling is focused on semolina purity.

Hard Wheat for Delicious Pasta
Durum wheat has high protein content, density and gluten strength, which makes it an ideal wheat for making delicious pasta. To achieve this, durum wheat is processed into high-quality semolina. And the durum wheat flour and fine semolina are extensively used in the Mediterranean and North Africa for local bread varieties. Doroller is actually manufacturing and supplying wheat grinding machine, and it is able to mill wheat with different particle sizes.

durum wheat flour

Doroller Grain Mill Machine for Consistent Semolina Quality
As experienced leader in the grain processing industry, Doroller’s tailored technology meets the highest standards. The innovative solutions make it possible to get a rapid return on investment through outstanding product quality and high yields. For grading semolina, Doroller has advanced semolina purifier, a kind of special grain flour purifier, to ensure an efficient separation of wheat bran particles for high-quality finished products.

durum wheat milling

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