Why The Customer Choose Our Square Plansifter

Why The Customer Choose Our Square Plansifter
We design and manufacture the square plansifter for sifting and grading meal and flour products in wheat, maize (corn), rye, teff, and durum as well as for sorting different granular products and free-flowing granules. The high sifting efficiency allows high grain milling capacities.

---High Sanitation
All components in contact with the product are made of stainless steel or synthetic material, and provided with high-grade insulation to prevent condensation. The completely compact system has efficiently prevented product cross-contamination and dust escape.

---Flexibility for The Modularity
The available capacities of the high square plansifter cover a wide range. It is able to go for the family use, with the handy 2-compartment, and the industrial use, with more-than-2-compartment, offering a solution based on the individual specific needs. The modular concept allows the number of modules to be adjusted as required. The plansifter is easy to install in a dictated available space.

---Easy and Less Maintenance
Our plansifter machine has been proven that it is capable of tough work in the grain mill plant everyday, which means the reduced cleaning and service requirements. At the same time, the maintenance intervals have also been increased considerably. And the metal sieve frame inserts and the combined sieve cleaners help the square plansifter offer a excellent performance.

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