The Surface Cleaning of Wheat

The Surface Cleaning of Wheat
Wheat cleaning is to use various wheat cleaning equipment to remove impurities in the raw wheat, and clean the surface of the wheat. Then the cleaned wheat can be milled to get pure wheat flour with high quality.

There are two kinds of surface cleaning methods of wheat: dry cleaning that is finished by wheat scourer and wheat brushing machine, and wet cleaning that is finished by wheat washer.

Dry Cleaning of Wheat
---Wheat Scouring
Most of the impurities mixed in the raw wheat are cleaned through the cleaning by the vibrating sifter, destoner machine, and magnetic separator, but the dust, wheat hair, microorganism, insect eggs, etc. on the surface of wheat and in the ventral groove of wheat are still existing. So the wheat scouring via wheat scourer is quite necessary.
---Wheat Brushing
After wheat scouring, the wheat surface has broken wheat skin and wheat germ on it and possibly dust in the ventral groove and broken skin. Employing wheat brusher to do wheat brushing to have a further cleaning of the dust, broken wheat skin and wheat germ is needed.

Wet Cleaning of Wheat
---Wheat washing
Wheat washing is to use water to cleanse the wheat surface by the wheat washer, which means a third time of wheat surface cleaning. So the microorganism, dust, remained farm chemical and broken wheat skin, bad wheat, etc. can be eliminated completely. At the same time, wheat washing can be a side work of moisture adjustment, having a dampening effect to improve wheat milling process.

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