Wheat Flour Quality Analysis

Wheat Flour Quality Analysis
Wheat and wheat flour are two agricultural products that are consumed based on quality or grade.

Wheat flour is produced by separating the wheat kernel into bran, germ, and endosperm, these three parts. Endosperm is the part of the wheat kernel that is finely milled into wheat flour. There are hard wheat flour and soft wheat flour generally.

wheat flour

In a scale flour mill plant, before the milling process, flour millers can check the moisture and protein of the whole wheat to optimize the use of the incoming grain. And the flour extraction efficiency and flour quality can be monitored by tracking the moisture, protein, and ash content during the process analysis.

Near Infrared (NIR) technology is used by flour millers for flour quality control and to meet the demands of their customers without giving away valuable products. Most end users of soft wheat flour end users, they have strict flour specification requirements depending upon the finished product. The ash content in flour indicates the purity of the flour, so it is extremely important. The higher ash content, the less endosperm / bran separation during the milling process. The milling by-products are separated and used as ingredients for various food products or animal feed.

The Unity Flour Analyzer can measures moisture, protein, and ash in finished wheat flour accurately. Flour millers rely on this technology to effectively test their process properly, bin and release the flour to their customers. The Unity Flour Analyzer is also useful for the analyzing of milling by-products for composition and nutritional content.

Traditional discrete filter near-infared spectrometers are highly sensitive to particle size variations in flour. This sensitivity shows different flour grades, so the unground particles can be separated and ground again.

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